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"Team Energy - Find your Voice"

From Quebec City - During my time as a Montreal Canadien player I really wanted to learn the french language. I worked hard at it but only learned day-to-day conversation and, of course, the hockey lingo. I certainly didn't ever master the language (still working on it) but I could get by, and my Quebecois friends really appreciated my effort.

Team Relationships and High-Performance runs on External and Internal Language.

How is the language of your team?

Do you hear the words of "Blame" or the voices of "accountability" within your team concept?

Dr. John Gottman has been researching primary relationships for 40 plus years. Gottman has found that in our primary relationships we need at least a 5 to 1 (positive to negative) ratio... to hold the relationships that we have.

How's your primary relationship ratio? How's your team Positive-to-Negative ratio?

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