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As mentioned in the above video, Ryan utilizes the following 4 Training Sessions to add huge value to your members. We grow the leadership capacity of your people and their people!

Also, In-Person training is always best but I have just successfully delivered over 250 * 3-hr Training Sessions over Zoom. This process works great with our powerful content and stories, covid is not going to slow us down!

The 4 Key 3-hour Training Sessions that I deliver!


   "Leading the SHIFT!" 

    Navigating the 6 Mindsets of Performance Resilience.

    Focusing your mind on what YOU Want, Intentional Leadership.

   "Coaching the SHIFT" 

    Coaching the language and energy of the 6 Mindset Model.


   "Team SHIFT" 

    How is your team-energy? Building Leadership Capacity throughout your team.


    "Player Performance SHIFT" 

    Leading High-Performance in your people. Building Leadership Capacity.




More info below.




Team Culture - Tomorrow's CULTURE Turns on Today's LANGUAGE


Leading Teams - The Six Mindsets of Team! - Deeper Awareness for Effective Leaders

Increasing Energy - Leading Performance ENERGY! - Workers Focus on TIME, Winners Focus on ENERGY

Leading Change - Leading the SHIFT - Increasing Resilience, Activating Agility

Personal Performance - Activating HUNGRY - Discovering Purpose and Passion

                                       Ryan receives TEC SPEAKER OF THE YEAR!

                                       (He has now spoken to over 3500 CEOs & Executives)

Entertaining Stories from inside NHL Dressing Rooms & Corporate Boardrooms


  • Ryan shares inside anecdotes from his 15 season as an NHL player, 2 more as a coach, and post-NHL career in broadcasting, business, movies and more, that inspire as they entertain!

Team Stories

  • Ryan's team journey of over 50 years

  • Ryan’s  “Worst trade in NHL History”

  • Great teammates from Guy Lafleur to Trevor Lindon

  • Team Culture turns on Language

  • Influencing Team 

  • Stanley Cup - from Dysfunction to Destiny in just over 100 days

  • Great Owners - A story of winning language

Coaching/Leadership Stories

  • Ryan's coaching journey of over 50 years

  • Tom McVie - talented players not playing hard

  • Scotty Bowman on how to win

  • Ryan's Role as President/CEO of an AHL Team

  • Pat Quinn, the great contrarian: "Coaches don't lose the room!"

  • Dave King -  Communication and "Carriers”

  • Fred Shero's take on Influence

  • Mark Crawford- activating Risk Reversal

  • How Jacques Lemaire bumped my slump 

  • Minor Hockey - Coaching with Values

Resilience Stories

  • Ryan's 16 year-old Knee

  • Stanley Cup - The rest of the story

  • Scotty Bowman, Tiger Woods, and Flow

  • Pat Quinn - is there an "I" in TEAM?

  • Dave King Turning Conflict into Connection

  • How to SHIFT to a Resilient Mindset


Tomorrow's CULTURE Furns on Today's LANGUAGE

  • Come to work or come to WIN?

  • Inside a losing dressing room

  • Inside a winning dressing room

  • The 5 Mindsets that reveal the 5 Language Types in your Culture

  • All culture runs on rumours

  • What differentiates a professional players from amateur players?

  • Culture turns on Conversations

  • Culture SHIFT or Culture Drift?

The Six Mindsets of Team! - Deeper Awareness for Effective Leaders

  • Great leaders lead Metacognition (getting their people to think about their thinking)

  • Discovering 5 thinking types that run Team Culture

  • The 5 Mindsets that reveal the 5 Language Types 

  • Culture runs on conversations

  • Activating the SHIFT

  • Preventing the Drift

  • Influencing culture through language

Leading Performance ENERGY! - Workers Focus on TIME, Winners Focus on ENERGY

  • Ryan's performance journey

  • The defining moment - blowing a knee at 16

  • Leading Time or Leading Energy?

  • Learning Resilience

  • The Montreal Canadiens and Mental Toughness

  • Understanding what drives ENERGY

  • The HEART & MIND sides of Performance

Leading the SHIFT - Increasing Resilience, Activating Agility

  • From a Team struggling to winning the Stanley Cup

  • What I learned from Guy Lafluer

  • Understanding the Performance Process

  • SHIFTING mindsets

  • Building Agile Awareness

  • Brainstorming what creates HQL - the highest quality of life

  • Abe Pollin- The story of SHIFTING

Activating HUNGRY - Discovering Personal Purpose and Passion

  • Key Focus- Key Awareness - Key Discovery = Purpose & Passion

  • Why do some kids play in the NHL?

  • Is talent the only reason?

  • INNER GAME - Intrinsic Motivators, The HEART and MIND of Success

  • OUTER GAME - Prioritizing Iterative Action  

  • TEAM GAME - Why being a team-player in today's workforce "ROCKS"

  • Staying HUNGRY is one key factor to an amazing life!




























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