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"What makes leaders fail? Why are bad leadership habits perpetrated? Because most of us who lead have never been formally trained or had good role models. So we lead as we were lead ... we wing it!

~ Hans Finzel

As I look back on my 15 seasons as an NHL player and junior seasons prior to that, I realize that I had 5 coaches who accelerated my development, which allowed me to apply my skill amongst the best hockey players in the world.


Our highly interactive training programs have been developed for individuals or teams and can be augmented with our online training. Team culture, leadership, and enhanced performance skills all need to be continuously upgraded, augmented, re-learned, and refreshed. We look forward to doing just that with you and your people!

- Ryan

Connect with Ryan: (604)828-9732
Book Ryan Walter
Ryan will customize your interactive and engaging program, which can run from 2 hours to 4 days and cover many of the following topics:
Interactive training sessons with Ryan Walter
  • Personal Strengths

  • Personal Styles

  • Conflict Management

  • Creating Team Synergy

  • Coaching the Personalities on your Team

  • Enhancing Team Communication

  • Developing Carriers

  • Accountability: Developing the Code of Honor

  • Exploring Expectational Performance

  • Engagement - The HUNGRY Quadrant

  • Team Development

  • Building High Performance Culture

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