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Ryan shares how client companies are impacted by this unique Leadership Development Process.

After 50 years of watching teams Ryan helps leaders reveal and rescue their culture through change/agile language and influencing mindsets.




A trainer that I know described Leadership & People Development as feeding or helping develop the ROOT of the organization. Obviously the ROOT development is not easy to measure and goes un-noticed until we sense that something is wrong, results decrease, or culture gets unhealthy.


The FRUIT of the organization is what we measure. The success of the FRUIT always (long-term) comes from the development & health of the ROOT.


What we are focused on inside this training process is to help your people and leaders start this process by developing & growing their INNER GAME… their ability to change, their agility, who they want to become, their strengths, their leadership capacity, their leadership confidence… in order to increase the FRUIT of their personal lives and the life of your company.


When I went back to school at 45 years old to earn a Masters Degree in Leadership/ Business my first professor Don Page said this,


"Everything rises and falls on Leadership!"

What is your plan to grow the "Leadership Capacity" of your people?


            Our training focus comes from our NHL & Business experience in

                        Leadership – Team – Culture – High Performance

Our training process will start by going deep into the INNER GAME with our new Thinking Tendencies Model. Our focus will be positioned around leading personal & team high-performance.


Speaking of team… as many of you know I have played on some kind of team for over 50 seasons now.

Professional sports teams and business teams have many of the same performance principles in common.

Teams need to continually build trust! Resilient teams must constantly work on

generating a “good team feel-culture” and at the same time continually increase

personal accountability.


Great teams develop and continue to increase their performance consistency

by generating positive momentum. During our sessions together we will explore

fun and energizing opportunities for your leaders to apply each of these principles

in your business.


During our first session, we will deep dive together into what sports call the foundation

of high-performance (and cultural change)… the INNER GAME.


We will also share best practices around how to identify and coach this winning mindset.



Our premise for starting deeper during this first leadership development day is

illustrated in our Performance Ladder.














Leadership Development Session 1- Leading the Shift

We believe that your peoples' mindsets influence their personal and cultural belief system,

that informs the actions, that create the habits, that eventually deliver team results.

Every Leadership Development Session begins with our foundational session developing a deep awareness

around the key drivers of performance and change (the INNER GAME).

Leadership/Perance Training El

  1. Expectations – What BRIDGE of knowledge do you want to build over our time together?

   2. Leading High Performance Personally & Culturally​

   3. Exploring the INNER GAME (Where performance lives)


   4. Key Foundation- Thinking Tendencies Model (Generating personal awareness around Mindset & choice)


   5. Flow Zone- How to increase your people’s best work FLOW!

   6. Increasing TTM Energy by optimizing Communication

Leadership Development Session 2- Coaching Performance Energy

I have been coached for over 50 seasons (on and off the ice). We will take your leaders deep into where leaders practice by coaching each other 1 on 1 in order to engage and energize players. We will focus leaders on the importance of, and recommend 30 plus questions that will help, SHIFT energy. Leaders utilize both the TTM mindset model and the 4P Coaching Model (getting your people to THINK about THINKING) throughout the coaching process

Leadership Development Session 3 - Leading High-Performance TEAMS

Revisiting our session one TTM mindset Model allows leaders to develop a deeper understanding of the language of their teams and how to influence and shift this language. We will walk leaders through the process of engaging their teams and identify how to shift cultural energy. During this session, leaders will explore how to better understand and grow/guide their teams through the

5 Stages of Culture.

Many of the following elements below will be utilized within the context of the above 2 training sessions. We will debrief with both of you after each session, have recommendations for the next session's flow and discuss any current cultural concerns you have that we can specifically focus on during each next session. This allows us to better contour our sessions towards your specific leadership development and cultural needs.


  1. Leading High Performing, Resilient People & Teams


   2. Exploring Assumptions


   3. Self-Identifying Personal Qualities & Strengths

   4. Establishing Leadership Foundation

   5. Facilitating core VALUES – Focusing on Corporate Foundational Strengths


   6. Inspiring TEAMS- 4 Characteristics important to your people.

   7. Establishing and Increasing TEAM Flow


   8. Exploring how Leaders SHOW UP- Is how our people SHOW UP -People READ FACES


   9. Facilitative Leadership - Leading by QUESTION


  10. Identifying TEAM Tendencies


  11. Growing TEAM relationships (understanding BIDS for Attention) handling CONFLICT?


  12. Implementing Leadership INFLUENCE- 6 Principle of Influence (Robert Cialdini)


  13. Leading TEAM CHANGE


  14. Intentional Conversational Momentum


  15, Coaching 1 to 1- 4Pi Performance Coaching

  16. Coaching 1 to many- Speaking to your TEAM


  17. Generational Performance- How the three generations lead and are led


  18. Leadership Style Indicator


  19. The Values Roundtable

  20. PSI Personal Style Indicator - Strengths Awareness

We deliver many more sessions but the above three overviews give a snap shot of the half-day and full-day sessions

that we deliver to activate the leadership development in your organization.


Supplemental Training Elements


3 On-Line Assessments


We have 3 powerful on-line assessments the we use to help leaders better understand their personal values, and personal leadership strengths and growth opportunities. These assessment’s support many of the above training elements.

Ryan’s Books


1- HUNGRY Fuelling your best game

2- Simply the BEST Coaching

3- Simply the BEST Players


We send out pdf copies of the books that we have authored between training sessions to maintain our learning momentum;


Blended Learning


Extended Learning Retention Package- The 22 Day Retention Challenge


This 22 Day Challenge is delivered to each participant by email or text every day for 22 days following our full-day session. Each participant receives a question relative to the information that we covered, must answer the question (A-B-C-D) and then reviews a video of me covering this specific information.


Now this is where things get fun… we have connected this review of content to a gamification backend. Each of your participants play against each other and daily see themselves on the 22 Day Challenge Leaderboard. By gamifying retention of information, we have created a game-changer in the way people better apply the content of our sessions.



Ryan’s On-line Performance Coaching Tracker


Most of your people want to change or improve in certain areas. As we deliver our progressive training, participants will desire to apply different parts of this process to different parts of their lives.


This is where our Performance Tracker comes in. If desired after each session participants will choose two personal areas that they desire to focus on. These two areas of focus will be auto-sent to each participant every evening in the form of two questions that they will need to answer “Ryan did you do your best to ________ today?”


Each participant will grade themselves 1- to- 10 every day in their area of desired focus or change. This is the process that develops one-time action into full time habits. This process will happen after each of the 3 full-day training sessions and will be a powerful way to actualize and personalize the power of the session.


Reactions from Happy Clients!



I have been in VISTAGE for almost a year.  Attended the summit last summer in Pittsburgh which was jam packed with speakers.  You were by far the best speaker to date and have set the bar higher that I could have imagined. 


Paul Martin


“The days together with our group were wonderful. You should feel very proud of the way you connect.” 


Gerry Inglis, President and CEO, Chili’s Restaurants Alberta (An update- Gerry sold his restaurants and is growing a new chain of restaurants and has just hired Ryan & Jenn to train this management team.)


“Ryan, thank-you so much or your exceptional, and very inspiring talk last night ... you kept dropping so many pearls of wisdom throughout your presentation that I found myself writing furiously, in a vain attempt to capture the invaluable ‘life lessons’ you were so graciously sharing with us all.”   

Tim Oakley, Program Chair, BC Institute PMAC

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for not just myself, but our whole Corrections Division.  You have motivated me to where I need to go, and what I need to do.  I have been a Corrections Officer for 20 years.  I am sad to say I had lost the "Hungry Spirit".  I have it back!!   I am a better person today than I was before I had the great privilege of meeting you. 


I am in the process of taking my career to the next level and I feel ready to make a difference.  I "fell back" last year and embarked on my own pity party, what a mistake.  I just wanted to thank you. Take care and have a great day.”

Kevin, Corrections Officer

Mark Sawatzky talks about the power and delivery of Ryan's Leadership Development Sessions.

Craig Paquin owner of Sasco Contractors...

How Ryan's 4 Leadership Development Sessions impacted Craig's Business.

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