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Ryan Walter has developed a unique language to help you and your team make more sense of your world.


Ryan believes that great leaders learn or are trained to SEE things differently. Great leaders intentionally focus where others pay little attention. Leaders learn to SEE the opportunity, the best in people, the future-positive direction. Leaders SEE differently, (using my hockey metaphor) because they focus on where the puck will be and go to where it will be... instead of focusing on where the puck is (The great Wayne Gretzgy said something like that.)

Instead of telling people to "get a better attitude" Ryan has developed a 6 Mindset model that delivers deeper awareness for people so that they can actually chose the thinking, the mindset that they desire. Each Thinking Tendency equates to certain language, energy, focus and helps participants better understand how to increase their resilience.

Ryan delivers new ways to grow skills, grow people, grow teams.

New Language = New Focus = New Awareness =

New Energy to Change!


Enjoy Ryan's 1 Hour Zoom Keynote that was enjoyed by participants of a large online conference.

"We very much enjoyed the session with Ryan. You could feel the energy and focus from all the participants and it was refreshing! Thanks so much and we very much look forward to working with Ryan again soon."
- Judy Vasily; Operations Manager, Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

Winning Focus

Ryan shares insights on the intensity of focus required to maximize talent. Ryan wants you and your people to increase this skill in your business and your life. The key ingredient to your future success is to increase your ability to focus intensely and for long periods of time on the process that gives you your win.

Staying HUNGRY


Listen in as Ryan shares big ideas around leading HUNGRY teams in front of 600 sales reps.

Book Top Inspirational Speaker Ryan Walter

The very best we have had by all accounts and you were an integral part of getting it off to a great start - comments from the team were superb - many of them are veterans from other companies and all said by far the best sales training they have ever had ... THANKS

Ron MacArther




Two words for the National Sales Meeting - IT ROCKED!
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