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Welcome friends! We would like to invite you to experience our world-class leadership development training as a guest of Ian Bell! 


As mentioned in the above video, Ryan utilizes the following 4 Training Sessions to add huge value to you as members. We grow your leadership capacity... and the leadership capacity of your people!

Also, In-Person training is always best but I have just successfully delivered over 250 * 3-hr Training Sessions over Zoom. This process works great with our powerful content and stories, covid is not going to slow us down! This is the time to energize your people and your teams!

The 4 Key 3-hour Training Sessions that I deliver!


   "Leading the SHIFT!" 

    Navigating the 6 Mindsets of Performance Resilience.

    Focusing your mind on what YOU Want, Intentional Leadership.

   "Coaching the SHIFT" 

    Coaching the language and energy of the 6 Mindset Model.


   "Team SHIFT" 

    How is your team-energy? Building Leadership Capacity throughout your team.


    "Player Performance SHIFT" 

    Leading High-Performance in your people. Building Leadership Capacity.




More info below.




Team Culture - Tomorrow's CULTURE Turns on Today's LANGUAGE


Leading Teams - The Six Mindsets of Team! - Deeper Awareness for Effective Leaders

Increasing Energy - Leading Performance ENERGY! - Workers Focus on TIME, Winners Focus on ENERGY

Leading Change - Leading the SHIFT - Increasing Resilience, Activating Agility

Personal Performance - Activating HUNGRY - Discovering Purpose and Passion

                                       Ryan receives TEC SPEAKER OF THE YEAR!

                                       (He has now spoken to over 3500 CEOs & Executives)

Entertaining Stories from inside NHL Dressing Rooms & Corporate Boardrooms


  • Ryan shares inside anecdotes from his 15 season as an NHL player, 2 more as a coach, and post-NHL career in broadcasting, business, movies and more, that inspire as they entertain!

Team Stories

  • Ryan's team journey of over 50 years

  • Ryan’s  “Worst trade in NHL History”

  • Great teammates from Guy Lafleur to Trevor Lindon

  • Team Culture turns on Language

  • Influencing Team 

  • Stanley Cup - from Dysfunction to Destiny in just over 100 days

  • Great Owners - A story of winning language

Coaching/Leadership Stories

  • Ryan's coaching journey of over 50 years

  • Tom McVie - talented players not playing hard

  • Scotty Bowman on how to win

  • Ryan's Role as President/CEO of an AHL Team

  • Pat Quinn, the great contrarian: "Coaches don't lose the room!"

  • Dave King -  Communication and "Carriers”

  • Fred Shero's take on Influence

  • Mark Crawford- activating Risk Reversal

  • How Jacques Lemaire bumped my slump 

  • Minor Hockey - Coaching with Values

Resilience Stories

  • Ryan's 16 year-old Knee

  • Stanley Cup - The rest of the story

  • Scotty Bowman, Tiger Woods, and Flow

  • Pat Quinn - is there an "I" in TEAM?

  • Dave King Turning Conflict into Connection

  • How to SHIFT to a Resilient Mindset


Tomorrow's CULTURE Furns on Today's LANGUAGE

  • Come to work or come to WIN?

  • Inside a losing dressing room

  • Inside a winning dressing room

  • The 5 Mindsets that reveal the 5 Language Types in your Culture

  • All culture runs on rumours

  • What differentiates a professional players from amateur players?

  • Culture turns on Conversations

  • Culture SHIFT or Culture Drift?

The Six Mindsets of Team! - Deeper Awareness for Effective Leaders

  • Great leaders lead Metacognition (getting their people to think about their thinking)

  • Discovering 5 thinking types that run Team Culture

  • The 5 Mindsets that reveal the 5 Language Types 

  • Culture runs on conversations

  • Activating the SHIFT

  • Preventing the Drift

  • Influencing culture through language

Leading Performance ENERGY! - Workers Focus on TIME, Winners Focus on ENERGY

  • Ryan's performance journey

  • The defining moment - blowing a knee at 16

  • Leading Time or Leading Energy?

  • Learning Resilience

  • The Montreal Canadiens and Mental Toughness

  • Understanding what drives ENERGY

  • The HEART & MIND sides of Performance

Leading the SHIFT - Increasing Resilience, Activating Agility

  • From a Team struggling to winning the Stanley Cup

  • What I learned from Guy Lafluer

  • Understanding the Performance Process

  • SHIFTING mindsets

  • Building Agile Awareness

  • Brainstorming what creates HQL - the highest quality of life

  • Abe Pollin- The story of SHIFTING

Activating HUNGRY - Discovering Personal Purpose and Passion

  • Key Focus- Key Awareness - Key Discovery = Purpose & Passion

  • Why do some kids play in the NHL?

  • Is talent the only reason?

  • INNER GAME - Intrinsic Motivators, The HEART and MIND of Success

  • OUTER GAME - Prioritizing Iterative Action  

  • TEAM GAME - Why being a team-player in today's workforce "ROCKS"

  • Staying HUNGRY is one key factor to an amazing life!




























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