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Game 7 Resilience!

Interactive Training...
Begin the process of growing your Performance Resilience by attending Ryan's FIVE  webinars! For leaders, coaches, performers, Moms & Dads, teenagers, bring everybody!
You are playing in Game 7 of
the Stanley Cup Finals, and find
yourself COVID-tired! Ryan
delivers tools for you to
re-energize & WIN!

Are you building your Mental-Toughness resilience muscle?

Five inspiring 50-Minute Webinars to sharpen your focus and increase your energy...

Mondays in April/May (to be confirmed) at Noon Pacific.




Your Investment!

Reserve your seat for all 5 Training Sessions 

$149 for the 5 webinars on Performance Resilience... Buy today and SAVE $200!



Learn how to Increase Resilience, Increase Energy, and Decrease the COVID Blues!


The Line-Up:

1- Winning MINDSET

•      Deepening awareness

•      Discovering how to navigate the 6 mindsets for success

•      Choosing to SHIFT


2- Staying HUNGRY

•      Breaking out of COVID-19 Ambivalence

•      Rediscovering your Hungry Indicators

•      Choosing personal ENERGY


3- Playing HARD

•      Regaining your winning focus

•      Increasing Resilience with awareness

•      Choosing RESILIENCE


4- Resolving CONFLICT

•      Solving Problems while Increasing Energy

•      Shifting focus from WHO to WHAT

•      Choosing TRUTH


5- Building TEAM

•      Understanding Hope & Trust

•      Sustaining team energy through uncertainty

•      Choosing cultural ENERGY

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