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Increasing FLOW!

Never in my life have I paid $150.00 for a book… until last week.

My gut tells me that my curiosity is one of the prime reasons Jenn and I own a training/speaking business. I am always trying to understand why some people consistently perform at a high level, and others don’t, why some teams consistently win and others don’t, and why some people have a high quality of life and others don’t. Then, I love passing my discoveries and ideas on to help people and increase our clients’ businesses. Curiosity pushed me to earn a Master’s Degree in Leadership Business at age 45.

I love learning, and, presently, I am immersed in learning about flow.

This expensive book I'm reading (Advances in Flow Research) is providing an academic examination of the foundation and discovery of flow. Back in 1975, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi was curious. He wondered why people love doing certain things in their day, and why doing these things made them happy, focused, and fulfilled.