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Sales and Performance Training with the Canada Job Grant

Paging all Canadian managers and business owners! Your business can receive sales and performance training and meaningful leadership development right now using the Canada Job Grant.

Invest in new and current employees while being reimbursed for up to two-thirds of my training fee.

To strengthen businesses, the Canadian government is offering a cost-sharing skills program designed to help employers create jobs or better jobs for existing employees. This grant is an opportunity for Canadian employers, from small businesses to booming corporations, to groom employees for a leadership role, or take a chance on that individual who is brimming with potential. Applications are open NOW!

If you are interested in leadership and sales training catered to your company’s needs, applications are open NOW, May 1st to July 1 st , for training that can begin as soon as September. Read up on it here. Our staff can assist you with the application process. Contact me to learn more about how my unique training can benefit your business.

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