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My Two Young HEROS

I am grateful to have received very high ratings from the more than 700 CEOs that I have worked with across North America over the past 3 years. Nearly half of these leaders have formally given me permission to connect, with a view to hiring me to help develop their leaders, high performers, and teams.

But here’s the hitch! While the tendency of these CEOs may be to love what we do and desire our services, they get busy with the other 50 things demanding their attention.

If I want to continue or enhance this potential business relationship, I must organize my week, month, and life to pursue them. Busy people get busier. People want to pay attention to you, but they do so at a higher pace if you pay attention to them. Therefore, I initiate calls to potential clients every week and not surprisingly, we are having our best year ever.

Let me introduce you to two young heroes of mine. My wife, Jenn, and I met these two young brothers while touring Guatemala City, prior to training a group of business leaders.

The older brother displayed an amazing energy (a winning mindset) that activated the fo