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Future-Positive Expectations!

In their paper, "How Do Simple Positive Activities Increase Well-Being?" Sonja Lyubomirsky and Kristin Layous have scientifically proven what grandmothers have told their grandkids forever. “If you are kind to others (taking positive action), you will actually feel better (positive emotion).” Positive action creates more positive actions, and also increases positive thoughts, positive emotion and positive energy.

“Happiness not only feels good, it is good. Happier people have more stable marriages, stronger immune systems, higher incomes, and more creative ideas than their less happy peers.

Furthermore, cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental studies have demonstrated that happiness (i.e., long-term positive affect or well-being) is not merely a correlate or consequence of success but a cause of it.

The efficacy of numerous positive activities for improving well-being has now been tested empirically. Experimenters have prompted people to write letters expressing gratitude, to count their blessings, to perform kind acts, to cultivate their strengths, to visualize their ideal future selves and other positive activities to improve happiness & increase well-being.”