High Performers "Get their REPS IN!"

Watch Ryan's video delivering 4 Key tactics on how pros "Get their REPS IN."

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The habits of our lives, our businesses, and our relationships either produce our desired results, or they don’t.

In the World of Sport, We Like to Say: Championship Habits Deliver Championships.

Scotty Bowman (NHL), Bill Belichick (NFL), Phil Jackson (NBA), and other successful coaches have all at one time or another confirmed this notion. If you ever sit next to a professional sports coach on an airplane, shake the coach’s hand, look him in the eye, and ask with a big smile, “Hey coach, how are the habits of your team?”

The coach is likely to respond with either a cautiously optimistic: “pretty good so far,” or, you might hear: “our habits suck!” Most coaches will tell you that there is no in between. At the highest level of sport, coaches are obsessed with the habits, what we like to call the action-automatics, of their players.

When Bill Belichick was asked after his 6th Super Bowl win, “What are you most proud of?” he never hesitated. “It’s our PLAYERS… they practice hard, they put the work in, and that delivered our success.”

The proper game preparation (practice) frees players up to increase their Flow-State during their games. Practiced (slow-thinking) action, turns into fast, unconscious habit (or action-automatics) as players generate multiple repetitions during practice.

Have You Put "Your Reps In?"