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5 Key Questions – For Leading Team Culture!

Team and Culture: these concepts in business and sport are interchangeable. They both involve how your people feel about your organization, function in your organization, find energy from your team, and consequently, how well your people produce results. Leadership is Influence… leaders influence team culture and team culture brings in results.

I am about to turn 61 this month. Fifty-four years ago, I began a lifetime of participating on teams. Like you, I have played on amazing teams, difficult teams, teams I couldn’t wait to be around, and teams I couldn’t wait to leave.

Most of us can feel when our team energy is going wrong, but not as many invest the time required to understand how to adjust or fix our cultures. This reminds me of an NHL coach who reads the team’s statistics, complains to his centremen that their face-off percentages are down, but has no idea how to work with the centres to improve their face-off skill. Deep down, most people don’t want to blame and complain, but still find themselve