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Hungry! Fuelling Your Best Game (Hardcover)

Hungry! Fuelling Your Best Game (Hardcover)

SKU: 9780986928123
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Uncover the performance advantage of playing and staying hungry in the 5th book from NHL player, coach, author, speaker and leadership expert, Ryan Walter. From cover to cover, Hungry! is packed with models, metaphors, and positive messages from Ryan’s personal experience that will inspire your bestevery area of your life.

“This fascinating, fast-moving book gives you tools to motivate, inspire and drive you upward and onward to incredible levels of achievement.”
Brian Tracy, World renowned speaker and author

“Hungry is one of the best leadership books I have read in a long time, and I read over 50 each year. Ryan Walter has the credentials and the writing skills and that’s a dynamite package. I will be talking this book up a lot”
PAT WILLIAMS, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President and author of Leadership Excellence

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