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Ryan shares how client companies get impacted through his unique people/culture Development Process.

After 50 years of watching teams...Ryan helps leaders reveal, rescue and re-energize their cultures by introducing agile-change- language and influencing team mindsets.

Hi my TEC Member Friends!


What a fun training session together!


More free gifts!


Click here to download the PP DECK that I utilized to present the valuable content that we discussed... 


Also, download our promised pdf copy of our latest book - HUNGRY Fuelling your BEST GAME!


Looking forward to our next conversation 604 996 4446 We will explore multiple ways to add value to your company, your people and your leadership!


Coming out of our Training Session together... here are 5 Key Questions that you will want to ask yourself about your company culture and the concepts that we explored together. (click here to review these 5 Key Questions.)

How TEC member Companies are receiving “Huge Value” from Ryan’s IP, high-performance/team experience & training processes!

One member company brought Ryan in to add value to their 80 managers at their company retreat and received such positive feedback that they brought him back for a second management retreat the next year and had Ryan train their whole company’s sales-managers and sales-associates “Winning Mindset” over the next 3 full-days.



5 member companies have retained Ryan and Jenn to deliver 4 Full-Day Leadership Development Sessions over 4 Quarters to align their culture and grow the Leadership Capacity of their company.



3 smaller TEC Companies contracted Ryan to deliver high-performance team/culture training with their people and split the cost of their first full-day session.



Another company with 85 employees contracted Ryan to train their whole culture’s language, focus and team energy, bringing him back 4 times over the course of the year!



Recently at a Member Company had 175 employees “opt-in” for Ryan & Jenn’s Leadership/Team/Culture full-day training sessions and had so much positive feedback that they are now setting up many future training opportunities with Ryan & Jenn to grow the leadership capacity of their company!



Ron MacArther, President of Napoleon Products hired Ryan to train his upper-management team and liked that so much that he brought Ryan in for a half-day interactive session with his !00 sales people.


“Two words for the National Sales Meeting—IT ROCKED...


The very best we have had by all accounts … and you were an integral part of getting it off to a great start—the comments from the team were superb—many of them are veterans from other companies and they all said that this was by far the best sales training they have ever had... THANKS Ryan.”


Team Development - Leadership Development - Sales Teams - Conferences - Keynotes

"Looking forward to adding huge value to your people, your teams and your business!"       Ryan 

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