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How Ryan can develop your business and team


Performance Training, Employee Sales, and meaningful leadership development

"Best Personal and Business coach I've ever
worked with!"
Jonathan Lewis CEO
TRAINING is adding

Ryan - I truly appreciate what you've done for

us this week.  You are the best!  Just wanted

you to know that in 13 years and many top

speakers, I have never done this before. 

Felt compelled to say something on ChairNet about our week together.  I posted this:


"Dear Tribe:  I am just concluding a week of Virtual meetings (8am-3:15pm) and

cannot express how awesome Ryan Walter is.  A former NHL player, Ryan brings a message of positivity and a mental reset for all members during this difficult time.  Ryan's willingness to meet the needs of my members and deliver value in 2-2 1/2 hours was one of the best efforts in my chair career."

Sincerely, Garth Jackson

(Master Chair)

 During this uncertain time, Ryan will COACH YOU! Focus on your development with:
 Personal coaching - Leadership coaching - Team coaching  - All online
 Build critical skills: leading, thriving, influencing mindsets and energizing your people.
 Call 604.996.4446 or Connect with Ryan directly.
Ryan Walter Top Ten Inspirational Speaker
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Ryan Walter - Professional Speaker

Ryan utilizes his NHL playing and coaching experience to teach companies how to create HUNGRY team culture. In his presentations Hungry Wins! & Leading Hungry Teams, Ryan highlights the intrinsic motivators and extrinsic team principles that help teams increase their Hungry spirit for success.


High performance training with Ryan Walter

Why do NHL teams spend more time practicing than playing? Because we all know that practice increases performance. According to the NTL Institute, people retain 75% of what they learned when they practice. Ryan's unique brand of experiential, interactive training increases fun and retention, putting a new spin on the term Power Play.

Leadership Development expert - Ryan Walter

 You must be a champion before you can win a championship. Warren Buffet said, "The most important investment you can make is in yourself." If you don't have a program in place to inspire, grow and encourage your Inner Game, Ryan invites you to try out his online video coaching system.


If you want to engage your sales team or help your leaders to create highly-engaged cultures....

Call Ryan now:

(604) 828-9732


I am thankful for my 17 seasons as an NHL player and coach, which certainly accelerated my learning curve in the 3 critical areas of Leadership, Team, and Performance. You can see in our model that Team Synergy and Performance form the sides of the triangle, while Leadership remains the foundation of all success. Culture is shaped whether we focus on it or not. Intelligent growth and development in the 3 areas of the Performance triangle will shape a positive, more engaging culture. I have chosen to center my topics on these 3 areas of passion, with the goal of inspiring a revitalized, hungry and better future for all.


Ryan Walter was drafted #2 in the world and became the NHL's youngest-ever captain for a time as a Washington Capital. He went on to be an NHL All-Star and Stanley Cup Champion with the Montreal Canadiens, and NHLPA Vice-President and NHL Man of the Year while playing for the Vancouver Canucks. Ryan's colourful career has also included coaching, acting, broadcasting, writing, and being the president of a professional hockey team.

Creating a Winning Culture with Ryan Walter
HUNGRY Fuelling Your Best Game by Ryan Walter


Uncover the performance advantage of playing and staying hungry in the 5th book from NHL player, coach, author, speaker and leadership expert, Ryan Walter.

"I also wanted to thank you for your counsel and advice as we moved to change HR, build the culture and execute on core people projects here at eHealth. You kicked off our change and engagement meeting and set a great tone. Recently, we made the Globe and Mail Greater Toronto Top Companies List - a great indicator of progress and a brand boost for our transformation efforts."

-Jamie Allison, Vice President, Human Resources, eHealth Ontario

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