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Hi Friends!

Most people, for most of their lives struggle to develop great habits and struggle to stop certain other behaviours, ... so what does the latest neuroscience say must be present for us to actually accomplish increasing our personal performance?


In the video on the right I share some of the concepts that we utilize to train habits and behavioural change.

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Below is a video on building your culture and also are 5 questions that we can all look at to sharpen our team performance.

Also, click here to see some Lunch & Learn info for your team or we can put two or three companies together and share the costs!

The above video is a copy of the training that we do with executives and teams over Zoom. (Looking forward to taking our info deeper with you soon.)

Enjoy Ryan being Interviewed by Gair Maxwell.

Lots of practical

High-Performance connections here between SPORTS and Business.

Ryan shares how client companies get impacted through his unique people/culture Development Process.

After 50 years of participating on teams...Ryan helps leaders reveal, rescue and re-energize their cultures by introducing agile-change- language and influencing team mindsets.

5 Key Questions

Coming out of our Training Sessions together... below are 5 Key Questions that you will want to ask yourself about your companies performance culture in order to review the concepts that we explored together. Please score your team 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

(1=not so good, 10=Amazing.)

1- How is the mindset, the “focus” of your culture?


What are your people "thinking" about? How much time do your people chose to think and talk about their disappointments, their regrets, their concerns, their worries (P-  F-) about the company’s future or how much time do they SHIFT to focus on the wins, the goals & the future-positive solutions of your business?



2- What does the “language” of your team sound like and what is your plan to influence it?


As you now “listen in” to the conversations of your culture… what do you hear? How will you drive deeper awareness for your people, giving them the SKILLS around how to “SHIFT” their language and there-by “SHIFT” their future-positive energy and performance? Are your people understanding and utilizing the 6 new pieces of language that our training delivers?




3- How is your people’s “FLOW/Zone”?


If the average North American worker is “in flow” 17% of their day then increasing “flow” may be the greatest performance opportunity for your company. How will you train your staff and workers around this critical concept? How will you prepare your people to increase flow and how will you protect flow in your workplace?



4- What is the level of commitment to “Team-Communication Excellence” in your company?


Does your company “tap-in”? How much “un-said” language is souring your culture? What is your process to increase team-energy through increasing team-communication? Have your people giving each other “emotional permission” to coach their best game and PLAY HARD?



5- Do you have a successful process to increase the“leadership capacity” of your company?


Remember “everything rises and falls on leadership!” What is your process to evaluate & develop your current and identify and grow your future leaders? What “1 on 1 Coaching Process “ (our 4PI) is driving Offensive Zone Energy throughout your teams? John Maxwell suggests that "If your leaders grow themselves to be a 6 out-of 10 as a leader, their people will perform at a 5. But if your leaders can grow themselves to be an 8 out-of 10 as a leader, then their people will perform at a 7."


Do you have a plan, a process, to grow your executes, your managers, your sales team's leadership capacity?

Click here to contact Ryan to start a conversation...


around increasing the performance of your people and teams.

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