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Over the next 100 weeks we will focus on two specific areas of skill development for everyone- In Sports, In Business, In Life!


1- LEADING ME (this is always the key skill for every leader which means for every person. In 2020 can important pervasive leadership principle is simply that “Your people emulate your energy.”)


2- LEADING OTHERS (We will focus on increasing Influence, credibility, team energy, Etc. We have over 40 key skills that we will work with you to increase or develop.)


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Growing/Inspiring 2020-Leadership! - Your Team's Next Training 


1- Identifying leadership development-curve to thrive during 2020-2021 uncertainty

2- Implementing a deeper personal 7-values understanding around each individual's leadership style, communication cadence and decision making.

3- Discovering each leader's HOPE-TRUST leadership process (dealing with where your people are at in order to increase their performance-energy.)

4- Helping leaders identify the Three Players (type of employees on their team) and Two Shifts that people must make to grow the leadership capacity of their company.

5- Brainstorming with your leaders around how to increase the preparation and compete levels of their players!

6- Identifying an upgradable Performance Resilience Score for each of their employees (are we getting our employees ready for the next Covid-19???)


Below are the 3 New Models that we are utilizing to Train Leadership capacity with in companies and teams.

(Please call me 604.996.4446 to discuss our new processes.)

Below is the 52 week retention process that we recommend after this 2020-2021 Leadership Training.

Leadership Development expert - Ryan Walter

                       Developing Leadership Skills

                Coaching your Best Game - $9.99 per month




"The most important investment you can

make is in yourself."

         Warren Buffet 



    At the end of each

    SHORT SHIFT video,

    the course process

    helps you activate

    the content and

    focus on making

    the change that

    you desire.

Who are these videos for?

Inspiring people's best in the office, or especially now as more of our work force performs from home, is not an easy job. Let us help you. Ryan will deliver your team short LEADERSHIP/HIGH PERFORMANCE video courses every Monday Morning.


Teenagers, Sales Teams, Sports Teams, Leadership Teams, Family Teams, Mothers, Dads, and really anybody who is looking to stay sharp, grow, increase their performance and looking to maximize their gifting will be excited about the powerful content that Ryan will deliver, coach and help you activate.

What is the cost?

* $9.99 usd per month.

* Under $2.50 per weekly video


What are the benefits?

* Increased inspiration through

  Ryan's powerful stories.

* Leadership,

* High-Performance, Team,

* Energy, Focus, Resilience,

* Flow, & Mindset development!

What benfits can I expect from SHORT SHIFTS with Ryan Walter?

SHORT SHIFTS with Ryan Walter

"I also wanted to thank you for your counsel and advice as we moved to change HR, build the culture and execute on core people projects here at eHealth. You kicked off our change and engagement meeting and set a great tone. Recently, we made the Globe and Mail Greater Toronto Top Companies List - a great indicator of progress and a brand boost for our transformation efforts."

-Jamie Allison, Vice President, Human Resources, eHealth Ontario

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