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Ryan & Jenn visit Gettysburg! 4 Leadership ideas to increase Offensive Zone E

Ryan in Gettysburg learning how leaders won their battles and energized their teams!

Ryan visiting the High-Water-Mark of Gettysburg PA. (Learning how leaders won these battles and inspired their teams!)

From Gettysburg PA Ryan brings you 4 leadership ideas to Influence Higher Performance and SHIFT to more above-the-line (Offensive Zone) Team-Energy.

Ryan talks about how the conversations that leaders have with their people can impact the below four states-of-mind in order to drive higher-performance.

1- Increase Happiness = Increased Offensive Zone Energy

2- Increase Meaning = Increased Drive

3- Increase Connectedness = Increased Commitment

4- Increased Contribution = Increased Appreciation

Two HR VP's share how Ryan's Leadership/Team Development Sessions are impacting their companies performance and culture.

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