LAZY THINKING or LASER THINKING - Which choice wins you the CUP in 2021?

Lazy Thinking or Lazer Thinking... a re-actional or intentional choice?

"When you are consistently stressed, anxious, frustrated or upset, your brain becomes too busy trying to control negative feelings — you spend a lot of mental energy and you become too distracted to perform well."

“Two systems in your brain are competing,” says Hans Hagemann, neuroscientist and co-author of The Leading Brain: Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance. “That leads to not being focused on anything anymore.” To regain cognitive control, Hagemann advises us to ‘label’ how we feel. This helps us to be more aware of our emotional states. Then we can tame them accordingly.

Over the course of my professional life (Sports, Training and Business), I have noticed that high performers do a good job shifting between two states of thinking, two mindsets, if you will. As Hans Hagemann suggests, if we can name these two types of thinking, we can more efficiently shift between them. I like to call one frame Lazy Thinking and the other Laser Thinking.

In my simple universe, Lazy thinking is allowing my thoughts to just appear out of thin air and influence my focus, behaviours and action. This is definitely a reactional mode. Laser Thinking is much the opposite. It reacts less and focuses more. Laser Thinking decides on the direction and funnels cognition around and toward that goal. Laser thinking has more of a Future-Positive focus towards desired goals and dreams.

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