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The Secrets of Gordie Howe

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

When I was 19 years old the World Hockey Association was doing its best to entice me away from being a top NHL pick. How did they do it? I was flown into Hartford to watch a game (in 1978 the Whalers were still playing in the WHL), and at the team's pre-game meal they sat me at a table with Pie McKenzie, Dave Keon and Mr. Hockey... Gordie Howe. My Mom's favourite was Dave Keon, and my Dad's favourite player was Gordie Howe. Amazing!

I played against Gordie the next season. I chose to be drafted by the NHL and was playing for the Washington Capitals, and Gordie continued playing for the Hartford Whalers, as they were amalgamated into the NHL that season. I was 20 years old playing against Gordie Howe and that season he was 52! Again... Amazing!