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What benfits can I expect from SHORT SHIFTS with Ryan Walter?

Over the next 100 weeks we will focus on two specific areas of skill development for everyone- In Sports, In Business, In Life!


1- LEADING ME (this is always the key skill for every leader which means for every person. In 2020 can important pervasive leadership principle is simply that “Your people emulate your energy.”)


2- LEADING OTHERS (We will focus on increasing Influence, credibility, team energy, Etc. We have over 40 key skills that we will work with you to increase or develop.)



One Inspiring, impactful video delivered to you every Monday Morning!


The Action step focus that you will take after watching the video

TEC Speaker of the Year

Stanley Cup Champion

Gold Medal Winner

NHL Man of the Year

Top 100 Montreal Canadiens in 100 Years

Top 30 All-Time Washington Capitals

Youngest NHL Captain - Drafted #2 

NHL Player & Coach

Trains 1000's of Corporate Clients

Consistently receives 4.8 of 5 ratings from now over 1200 CEO's across North America

TV Broadcaster​

President of a Professional Hockey Team

NHLPA Vice President

Personal COACHING every Monday Morning
Leadership Development expert - Ryan Walter

 You must be a champion before you can win  championships.


Warren Buffet said, "The most important investment you can make is in yourself."


If you don't have a process to build your confidence, grow your performance focus and inspire your Inner Game... try out Ryan's Short Shifts now!

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Who are these videos for?

Everyone! From teenagers through Professional Athletes to CEO's of companies to stay-at-hom-Moms, everyone will benefit, be inspired and work towards growing their LEADERSHIP SKILLS every Monday Morning.


Sales Teams, Sports Teams, Leadership Teams, Family Teams, Mothers, Dads, and really anybody who is looking to stay sharp, increase their performance and looking to maximize their gifting will be excited about the powerful content that Ryan will deliver.


  • Energizes your people

  • Engergizes your sales teams

  • Energizes your leaders

  • Energizes your culture

  • Energizes your life!


I am thankful for my 17 seasons as an NHL player and coach, which certainly accelerated the learning curve for me in the 3 critical areas of Leadership, Team and Performance. You can see in our model that Team Synergy and Performance form the sides of the triangle, while Leadership remains the foundation of all success. Culture is shaped whether we focus on it or not. Intelligent growth and development in the 3 areas of the Performance triangle will shape a positive, more engaging culture. I have chosen to center my topics on these 3 areas of passion, with the goal of inspiring a revitalized, hungry and better future for all.


Ryan Walter was drafted #2 in the world and became the NHL's youngest-ever captain for a time as a Washington Capital. He went on to be an NHL All-Star and Stanley Cup Champion with the Montreal Canadiens, and NHLPA Vice-President and NHL Man of the Year while playing for the Vancouver Canucks. Ryan's colourful career has also included coaching, acting, broadcasting, writing, and being the President of a professional hockey team.


Why do NHL teams spend more time practicing than playing? Because we all know that practice increases performance. According to the NTL Institute, people retain 75% of what they learned when they practice. Ryan's unique brand of experiential, interactive training increases fun and retention, putting a new spin on the term, Power Play.

"I also wanted to thank you for your counsel and advice as we moved to change HR, build the culture and execute on core people projects here at eHealth. You kicked off our change and engagement meeting and set a great tone. Recently, we made the Globe and Mail Greater Toronto Top Companies List - a great indicator of progress and a brand boost for our transformation efforts."

-Jamie Allison, Vice President, Human Resources, eHealth Ontario