From CEOs to Stick Boys - 3 Leadership Lessons Learned Through Hard Times

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Fog breeds uncertainty. The fastest, most powerful cars in the world are slowed to the speed of a bicycle when the driver's vision is inhibited by fog and he/she can't see past the next corner. Many of us have become fogged-in by uncertainty. Our journey forward seems clouded with mist. Here's the thing about uncertainty and fog: they both slow down traffic and they both clear up eventually, but for many of us, it's never soon enough.

During this time of uncertainty, I have been checking in with leaders, clients and friends across the world. Our goal at is to support our extended team as they compete daily against this tough opponent. From vice presidents of companies in Europe, to owners of restaurants and businesses all across North America, to friends in the tourism industry locally, we are hearing some tough stories, but the hardest thing that we are hearing is that today's decisions may change tomorrow, because today's clarity can turn into tomorrow's fog.

As I talk with those responsible for shepherding their teams, I am noticing a leadership pattern. These great leaders are taking the following consistent actions:

1- Increased Communication

2- Increased Value Focus

3- Increased Coaching

Increased Communication: In a time of uncertainty or crisis, communication must be accelerated. Most of the leaders that I talked with have spent entire days on the phone communicating to their people. Increased personal communication is a proven way to build rapport and connection during these uncertain times.

As this virus keeps us separated for potentially longer periods of time, new ways to increase communication need to be discovered and employed. NHL Coach Dave King developed an interesting concept and shared it in our 4th