How's your BUBBLE?

Patrick Johnston, a sports reporter from the Vancouver Province newspaper, recently interviewed me about the current situation of having NHL players in team "Bubbles." During the mid 80's our Montreal Canadiens' team utilized a type of "Bubble" technique to increase our team's opportunity to win playoff rounds, so this became part of my discussion with Patrick.

Patrick and I also discussed the Mental Toughness side of this new NHL/World Pandemic challenge... to enjoy that read later, click here.

This interview started me thinking that during Covid-19, many of us have been forced into relational, vocational, family, and cultural Bubbles. As of this writing, some health officials are requesting that we bubble-up-again into teams of 6 or 8 people, when just days or months ago the "Bubble size" had expanded to many times larger.

From a physical perspective, Covid-19 has increased our focus on staying in the relational Bubble, but from an influence point of view, this bubble idea is nothing new.

Jim Rhon suggested many years ago that each of us becomes the sum of the 4 people that we are closest to. Now there is a tight Bubble! Charlie Tremendous Jones said that he could tell each person's future. He said that our future is determined by the books we read and the people that we hang with. We have always been in Bubbles; we just didn't realize it.

Influence expert Robert Cialdini believes that SOCIAL PROOF, the second of his 6 principles, is a powerful purveyor of influence:

"Principle: SOCIAL PROOF

When we are uncertain about what to think, feel and how to behave, we look to similar others for answers.

Activation of SOCIAL PROOF:

By evidence of how others are (or have been) thinking